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I initially outsourced my services to a large established company within the Philippines and they were great BUT like many businesses who offer outsourced services, they could not deal with the adult industry. My business was becoming more & more involved in an industry that lacked quality digital services and innovation, I had found and recognised a growing niche. I could not let that niche go, simply because no one else would work with me or my clients. So I put together an amazing team, two of whom I worked with for many years and my team and business continues to grow because I did not and would not give up. Now as the years have moved on I have streamlined my services and work exclusively with what I love to do and wake up each morning feeling excited about.  That includes now working with local developers and teaming up with the creator of Ashleigh's Accord, Rebecca. Rebecca has years of experience in our industry and has created a bespoke cloud based software that benefits our industry and businesses. We also work with a freelance developer, who has had previous experience building bespoke brothel websites and working within our industry. Together we are an effective team with years of combined experience and complimentary skill sets. In the future we have more surprises in development and I personally can't wait to share them with you, helping build a better and illustrious future for us all.  Our industry is exciting and unique and I now have a dedicated adult industry specific team, so if anyone can help your business it's us! Check out our subscription based pricing module giving you affordable options for our bespoke services. 

Lilly White

Lilly has come along way in terms of her professional journey. A unique and dynamic…

Our Packages


$ 86 PM
  • Ongoing support and training
  • All users, no additional fee per user
  • Access for all users inc your roster
  • Integration with your website
  • Beta pricing available 1st 6 months
  • Gives you total control of your business from anywhere in the world
  • Manage bookings & roster @ a glance
  • Manage your membership database & grow your business
  • Login roster as they arrive
  • Manage bookings
  • Manage sales KPIs
  • Easy to use modular system
  • Track and create invoicing
  • Easily update and manage profiles
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$ 162 PM
  • Ashleigh's Accord Management Software
  • Customised Professional Sales Training
  • Helping you manage & grow your business from anywhere in the world
  • Sales Training inc -
  • Using standard sales techniques
  • Qualifying customer
  • Objection handling
  • Closing customer
  • RSP - reception sales process
  • Dial to doorbell
  • Digital to doorbell
  • Intro Sales Process
  • Up-skill your roster
  • (Upfront deposit $500 required)
  • Contact us for more information
  • Pay Sales Training price $1250 upfront & receive 15% discount
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$ 286 PM
  • Ashleigh's Accord Software
  • Customised, Professional Sales Training
  • Wordpress Website
  • (6 menu options)
  • Home page with roster
  • About Us
  • Services / Prices
  • Profiles inc reviews
  • Gallery
  • Contact Us
  • Content up to 500 words
  • Ask us about our SEO friendly content services, specific to the adult industry
  • Is your Google business listing up to date?
  • - Included
  • (Upfront deposit $500 required)
  • Contact us for more information
  • Pay website price $1450 upfront & receive 15% discount
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$ 294 PM
  • Ashleigh's Accord Software
  • Customised, Professional Sales Training
  • Advanced Wordpress Website
  • (9 menu options)
  • Home page
  • Roster
  • About Us
  • Services / Prices
  • Profiles inc reviews
  • Gallery
  • Escort Page
  • Membership & Offers
  • Blog
  • Content up to 1000 words
  • Contact Us Pg
  • Ask us about our SEO friendly content services, specific to the adult industry
  • (Upfront deposit required)
  • Is your Google business listing up to date?
  • - Included
  • Pay website price $1650 upfront & receive 15% discount
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T & C  

ALL PACKAGES  except the Starter Package require a deposit prior to monthly subscription commencing
Additional features can be added to websites at extra cost. All sites come with user instructions

To enquire about our additional services, please contact us 


Social Media Marketing
  • Set up of social platforms
  • Social campaigns (inc strategy)
  • Customised landing pages
  • Social graphics inc covers
  • Social branding for your business
  • Meme/Giffs
Website Development
Your website is your shopfront, what does yours say about your business?
  • Cost effective customised websites
  • Industry based UX (user experience) websites
  • Customised to your business
  • Easy to use, conversion friendly
  • Turn browsers & queries into clients with dynamic rosters
  • Integrates with Ashleighs Accord management software
Ashleigh's Accord

Our bespoke cloud management software can help modify and streamline your business practises, giving you control and peace of mind. Access our software from anywhere in the cloud. An easy to use modular system, our software enables you to manage bookings, track intros, manage data and analytics, upload profiles easily & effectively, track & manage invoicing and more. What you don't need simply don't use. Support & ongoing training supplied. Improve your business model and processes by embracing cloud technology like any other modern day business. 

Online Reputation Management

Today reviews are everything to your business. A harmful review can you leave you frustrated and impact your business negatively. What does your online reputation mean to you? Get ahead of the competition by working with us to manage your online reputation, grow your positive reviews, get ahead of any negative reviews and turn them into positive recommendations . We have reached out and developed relationships with the best in the business and through us you can secure dedicated account management, and remove slanderous untrue reviews for a better price through our reseller relationship. You will deal with one business only, a dedicated account manager and we work with Google, social media, Trust Pilot & more on your behalf. Reviews can really set you apart from your closest competitors, talk to us about building your business through review management, it's not cheap but how much do you value your online reputation? 

In-house Marketing

Marketing your business in-house is a tricky proposition and based on my experience within the industry, few get it right. However it is low cost and if you do get it right...it is the most effective marketing you can do for your business. Talk to us about what we think are the most effective types of marketing you can offer your membership, in-house face to face while the customer is at your premises and to your roster to help them stay motivated & inspired to earn. 

Sales Training

We offer quality sales training for your establishment. We can help train your staff and implement effective business processes for the overall success of your business. Perfect for parlours but absolutely can be applied to online businesses as well. Our cloud based software Ashleigh's Accord integrates seamlessly with your sales training and can be used to track and manage KPIS and performance. See who is performing best within your staff & roster than implement our processes and techniques to improve & grow your business. Data is hugely important, let us help you by using the data and stats saved in Ashleigh's Accord and cross reference that to the skills and techniques we will give you through precise, effective professional sales training created specifically for your business by professionals who know your industry! Perfect for all sales channels, face to face sales, dial to doorbell & digital to doorbell. 


SEO is a very valuable tool to any business, but is even more crucial in the Adult Industry, as there are already so many limitations for advertising your business and pushing your way up those valuable SERPS (search engine return pages) So what is SEO? It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation but more importantly it means ORGANIC search engine optimisation.

Then don’t listen to us listen to our satisfied customers!

We’ve been running a talent agency in Melbourne for more than 6 years now and in all that time we have worked with a several SEO companies. Not having any knowledge of SEO can be daunting as it evolves so fast and you feel like you need an Oxford education just to understand the lingo that these guys use.

Well our experience with My Local SEO changed all that and  has been really wonderful! Lillian Thoms the co founder based in Melbourne has restored our faith in all that SEO promises to deliver, her attention to detail and work ethic is second to none. Unlike our experience with previous companies My Local SEO under promises and over delivers and with so much enthusiasm – Got to love that!

Regina & Anna
Kings Courtesan & Aphrodisiac male Escorts

My name is Grace and I’m a new business owner in Australia. I developed my online directory back in late 2016 and spent a lot of money with a company that seemed great but struggled to get my business out there. I spoke to a good friend of mine mentioned they had a friend with their own SEO company My Local SEO. Initially sceptical I made a time to meet. Before we met in person Lillian took the time to discuss my business my business plan and goals and what my current SEO company were doing to get my business out there. Lillian was very professional she mapped out a plan and 6 months down the track we are exactly where we want to be with plans to launch more online businesses in Australia with Lillian and her team. Lillian shows passion, charisma and drive and she even inspires me with my own business! I highly recommend her and her company they’re a great team and very helpful this person gets the job done is very motivated and business savvy you need Lillian on your team if you want to succeed, I truly believe that! I can’t wait to get more projects started with her and My Local SEO later this year!

Grace falwasser
Top escorts Australia Top Escorts NZ

“Lillian’s understanding of the industry is relative, creative and enthusiastic! She is a wealth of knowledge, professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend anyone looking to up-skill or those just starting out to engage with Lillian – she will support you to achieve the results you need.”


Rachel Payne
GM Eros Association of Australia

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