Blogging tips for Adult Industry Bloggers

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OK so yes I may NOT be an Adult Industry Blogger but I am a marketer and I haver worked with bloggers over the years to produce quality content marketing campaigns that benefit both the blogger and the client. I love blogs, I believe they are the cornerstone of great content marketing and as such should be cultivated, sharpened & developed with love, care and a great deal of business savvy.

How to launch a blog?

Really there is no easy way, you have to build your blog (we always recommend WordPress, it’s user friendly and can grow with your blog) and then market through your social channels, paid advertising and anyway possible you can get you great content out there (read on for marketing guidance)

What do I blog about?

That’s easy….what do you love? What do you believe in and what will you get behind and champion? Because a blogger is only as good as he or she’s word so faking a passion just isn’t going to cut it, neither is going at it half hearted. You have to grow your followers and you do that by resonating with them by providing quality genuine content that they love because they are your tribe….you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, do you know how many sex toy bloggers are out there? Well apparently not that many in Australia that I can find (please reach out to me if you are one) but world wide there are literally thousands. What about fitness bloggers, food bloggers, fashion…it just goes on. So it can be difficult carving your special little corner in the blogging world BUT what do you have to lose? I can tell you now that it doesn’t mater what the competition is or how many, just be consistent, that really is the key…start and don’t stop. Set up your social and then push content out every week if possible! Be sure to engage with ‘other’ accounts online to grow your blog, find your audience and talk to them! If you’re an escort blog about escorting, could it get more interesting, blog about working in parlours if you work in parlours & brothels. Its very difficult to find Australian Sex Toy Bloggers…

Promoting you blog

This can get tricky, where do you start? Besides engaging with your social accounts what other platforms are available to you? I recommend looking for websites that you love and that represent your audience and reach out to them. Reach out to businesses, get give aways for your audience, start small. Your audience will love you if you give them stuff, be sure to be true to your message in what product & services you work with & promote. Have you thought about magazines? Print is still alive and well and there are a lot of boutique publications that might just be desperate to find quality original content, perhaps submit articles or ideas of ways you could work with that magazine? You literally have nothing to lose. I am an affiliate member of the Eros organisation Australian’s leading Adult industry body and I reached out to Rachel the GM and asked if I could submit articles on marketing for the adult industry in their Eros magazine. She said yes…you are a expert on what you do, with a genuine following, people are interested in your voice and your expertise be bold do something different the worst that can happen is they say no but what if they say yes? You then have a new outlet and marketing channel for your blog.

Every good Blog MUST have an email list!  Be sure to have a sign up form on your blog and market your email list on social. A great way to cultivate your email list is to have exclusive offers only for them.

Paid advertising – literally the only adult industry business that can advertise on google is the sex toy industry. If you are a blogger who blogs about adult toys you can also use Google Ads & Google remarketing. Yes it costs money BUT there are many alternatives out there, including using platforms like Outbrain whereby you advertise your content on other websites and pay for CPC (cost per click) so you only pay for those who actually click on your banner ad and you get exposure. You’re an influencer and did you know that Google searches for the term “influencer marketing” rose by 325% in 2017. Thats you, do everything you can to get your brand out there and if you have to pay…then pay it will come back to you. The post on that last link also has a report for influencer marketing in 2019 use this to help sell your brand.


If you’re not on The Sex Blog Top List then do so, reach out to them


Social is of course hugely important but more and more IG (Instagram) is becoming the power hitter. IG hit 1 billion uses last year and is well on it’s way to it’s second billion so if you’re not on there you need to be. Utilise everything on IG – pictures, videos & stories. It’s the number one platform for influencers so be sure to use it and use it well.

Reach out to a potential clients to get you started.

So you’ve blogging along for a while now your followers are up and you think it’s time you got to do some of this ‘influencer’ marketing. But where are all your clients? Well they may not be knocking down your door just yet but there is no reason you can’t knock down theirs. However you must be prepared. The first blogger I ever worked with had a media kit. They’re prob not used that much these days but back then it was really useful. The media Kit contained all of her stats, reach, social channels and all of the ways you could use content marketing on her blog. She was a fitness blogger and open to all kinds of content marketing, after all thats why she was a blogger. So she was creative…she monetised her blog (that’s another topic) but we had plenty to work with. I recently looked at a bloggers site went through all of her advertising info etc she talked a lot about ‘monetising’ but the reality was she had VERY LITTLE in the way of monetising her blog, aside from buying ad space on her blog and she didn’t do sponsored content…at all. Bloggers get uptight, or too important in their own stratosphere, you’re only as good a your last pay cheque and if you have a company that aligns with your values and your audience wanting to pay for sponsored content, that YOU write…I fail to see the problem. Working with that company can open the doors to all sorts of opportunities both with them and other clients…there are many ways to monetise your blog and we will get to that…in another post 🙂

The last point Im going to make…be sure to get back to all enquiries. In reaching out to bloggers Im amazed at how a lot of you are so lack lustre when it comes to returning emails or direct messages though social. Please don’t ignore your opportunities you never know where they could lead to. You are a business you present yourself as professional otherwise potential clients will just drop their interest and worst yet word of mouth is very powerful and you want people to be advocates not detractors.

Next we’re going to talk about your content marketing strategies & monetising your blog …How to, why & why?

For a more detailed list of marketing your blog check out this list complied by CoSchedule Blog 

If you are an Australian Adult Industry Blogger even if you’re just starting out, please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!