In the wake of Fosta/Sesta

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Every escort in the country is now well aware of how a misguided bill in the US can impact on the rest of the world. Australia although across the depths of the Pacific, is still reeling….how do you survive?

The short answer is there is no quick fix for our escort community and industry. Every working escort that used Backpage and Cracker knows all too well the gaping hole Fost/Sesta has left in their pockets and business. Backpage a seriously all encompassing website similar to Gumtree (Australia) and Craigslist  built it’s massive global audience mostly through it’s thriving adult content and categories. The sheer numbers this site built worldwide ensued anyone looking for an escort would eventually at some point come across BP which meant in a nutshell, that’s where your audience was. In it’s absence clients are floundering, leaving only Locanto an online classifieds site similar to BP & Cracker a similar site just not quite as popular in it’s wake. Thankfully Locanto is operated out of Germany by German start up Yalwa, safe from US tentacles for now.

So how & where do you advertise?

The answer is everywhere. There is no replacement for these websites so you will need to be advertising on at least 4 – 5 sites in order to come close to the enquiries you generated from BP. Here are some good alternatives /  some Australian sites that have sprung up in BP wake and image – this site is owned and operated by a savvy escort who seems to know her digital marketing. So you get both sides of the coin working in your favour an escort directory that is indexing with some good keywords and has a sharp layout and of course but we will explore that option more thoroughly next. Our advice is get on twitter and start talking to other people in your industry, see where they’re advertising and what is working for them. Reach out and talk to escorts online, yes it’s a competitive industry but there is also a lot of sisterly support and you’d be surprised how willing a lot of escorts are to help and answer questions.

Think about your brand??? Now is the time,  more than ever to reconsider what you are doing with your brand and how you are doing it!

We can help with this last part of course but before coming to us you need to really think about what it is you want out of this industry and how you are best served to get it. If you take the ‘sex’ out of the equation, the reality is you’re just building a brand, like any other social influencer or personality. So get to it, there are few social platforms you can use BUT get to know the ones you can use more thoroughly. Twitter, it can be tricky and you do NOT want to be shadowbanned so be careful what content you share and engage with. However regular tweeting about your life as an an escort, or what parlour you’re in that day or tours etc is all in the life and day of a sex worker but is super interesting to potential clients and people in general. Engage with other girls, some a very proactive and know their stuff. Insta, it’s visual and it works, again you have to watch the content your share and the hashtags you use but visual content is key and a great way to engage your followers. Keep it consistent. All in all social is a great way to build a brand learn from the girls doing it well and develop your own concepts, what makes you unique? What is your vibe with clients…build rapport and always remember sharing is caring, yes you can cheat your way to a lot of followers quickly & there are many ways to do this apparently, but nothing builds a brand better than steady posting and lots of great content and engagement.

So there is no quick fix for the loss of BP & Cracker you have to knuckle down and work, trial different options and work harder than ever on your brand and content but this industry isn’t for the feint hearted so get to work! Remember you can always chat to us for a clearer direction and more.

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