Pictures go a long way towards selling your business

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So we’ve talked a lot about pictures on our website. The reason being is that your’s is a glamorous industry and whether you’re a male,/female escort, exotic dancer, pin up, cam girl  or parlour you need pics to sell your brand. Pictures tell people a lot about you and quite frankly you probably can’t have enough! If you build yourself a website as an escort you need lots of pictures and it’s best to definitely have a professional shoot to convey sophistication and style and of course make you look as good as possibly can be. Then you have social media, here’s where things can get tricky. Unless you have a photographer boyfriend/girlfriend it is very cost prohibitive to keep doing professional shoots just to have social content. Thats where we come in, we use iPhone photography, professional makeup artist are on hand and of course location shoots, ensuring a great selection of pics for ongoing use at an affordable cost. The benefit of the iPhone is that we can take many pictures easily, we don’t need expensive equipment, we can move locations easily and we use natural lighting or whatever is available and great apps to touch up your pics.

We find a little creativity goes a long way and with Lillian’s background in film and music creativity is a big factor. We are influenced by outstanding social brands who again focus on creativity and great shots combined with great subjects to get what you need. We believe you need four factors for a great shot, creativity, form, style and a story.  Here’s an example of an iPhone shot in a great location, using an beautiful subjects even light can be adjusted and played with a little imagination goes a long way. Props, tattoos, colour, location, cars, motorbikes, clothes, body paint, makeup all of these things can be utilised to create amazing content outside of a lavish hotel room BUT thats the kind of location you use for a professional shoot. Or as you can see in the below photo we used a beautiful indoor background for a shoot for pics used for advertising.

Escort advertising

So by now you get the picture. Pictures go a long way towards selling your brand and you brand needs to be constantly updated.


Parlour Photography

Pictures are just important inside of a brothel. But with girls coming and going how do you engage a professional photographer with all of his equipment and lights etc ongoing to keep up with the constant stream of girls coming and going and all of the girls spread out over various shift 24/7 it’s impossible BUT our iPhone package isn’t! We can offer a monthly or bi monthly retainer and take your photos consistently over time, keeping your website and roster updated with lovely images of all your girls and your venue. It really is the perfect solution for parlours because pictures really do sell your business and clients absolutely love them! Anonymity is guaranteed for those who require it.

So if you’d like to chat about your options as an escort or parlour please don’t hesitate, we travel to different states we don’t just shoot in Melbourne we love what we do and can help make your business more profitable and grow your brand online.


The team @ ADP