Case Study

Have you ever heard of the expression bloggers are the new influencers? If you haven’t you’ve been hiding under a rock! Today there is a lot of ‘white noise’ when it comes to advertising, how do you know where to look, where to invest your funds, it never ends. However if you invest your time product and energy into a blogger the results can be extremely positive for your business. Bloggers if you would like to be a part of our Bloggers Network and have an Adult Industry based blog with 2000 followers or more, please do! Talk to us about incentives and costs structure to be a part of both advertising on and being a blogger for the Bloggers Network.

I intend to do a vlog and talk to people and experts and clients about the adult industry, we will publish this on youtube, have a link on our site (remember to ask Rasmia if we can add the video features on the template) I can blog about this to