A Video Project


Room one: Trish

This video was the first in the Presidential Suite Series. Our brief was to create videos showcasing Presidential Suite and the girls that work there. We did the moving shot from outside by literally calling out to one of the managers to open the door. Thankfully it all worked out a treat and the rolling shot was taken in two shots to get all the way to the room looks great. My fav is the light dancing around the flowers that happened totally naturally. For Trish’s shot we really wanted that red gown against her beautiful dark skin and made the most of the time it took to drop the gown to the ground around her lovely curves!


Once Upon a Time

Probably the most difficult shoot in terms of practicality but certainly fun. To be honest after conceiving of the video i really didn’t know that I could pull it off. There were some technical issues we had to overcome for instance the backward shot of the car, our iMovie software couldn’t do it so we used an app called Reverse Vid. All of our videos are shot and edited on iMovie. It’s amazing what a little talent, ingenuity and iMovie can accomplish. For the most part we wanted the video to be humorous and involving one of the actual drivers Shane from Presidential Suite certainly helped, a feather boa and sexy drivers cap added to the overall effectiveness! The outtakes and way the video jumps from the actual edited shots to me giving direction was all part of overall comic feel for the shoot. The Benny Hill theme was the only music I wanted and worked perfectly in fact made the entire concept. Benny Hill & sexy girls, what could go wrong?


Misstress Taylor

Mistress Taylor is a trained Mistress who works out of an award winning parlour the Presidential Suite in Seaford Victoria. Mistress Taylor brought in one of her subs for the video and we wanted to portray a dark and mysterious undertone with strong sexual themes throughout her video. As always the video came together once the music was selected, a dark and gritty rock ballad by US band Stealth. The use of slow motion throughout the video worked to create an almost ghost/haunting like vibe of Mistress Taylor and her sub but mostly we wanted to capture the dominant submissive relationship between the two, in a beautifully dark & sexual way.

We can of course offer video’s using digital cameras and equipment for added cost.

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