What’s the deal with social and the adult industry?

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Well it’s simple really….. they’re all American and in the US pretty much anything to do with the Adult Industry is illegal. Hence Fosta/Sesta (see our previous post). So if you’re going to use social to promote your business whether or not it’s a Parlour, independent escort, escort agency or escort directory here’s a list of what platforms to use and why!

1. Twitter

Twitter is the most popular amongst adult business. Like all other platforms you cannot do any paid advertising but your community is alive and well on twitter and thriving. However here are my top five rules for using Twiiter in order not to be SHADOWBANNED. What is this strange word you ask? Basically if twitter does not like your content or think it is too explicit they mark you as spam and basically hide you without you knowing. You’ll just notice a sharp decline in your engagement and followers growth. So Do not 1. over post (spam) 2. share or engage with porn (spam/too explicit) 3. use to many sex based hastags even be careful of over using #sexworker #escort and 4. NO NUDITY. You MUST – 5. engage with other followers, like content, share content and comment otherwise twitter will think you’re a bot (not real) and again, shadowban you.

2. Instagram

IG is visual and visual is great for your bus, BUT it is owned by Facebook and facebook is VERY strict about adult content. So basically be careful. Avoid using over obvious hashtags that may expose you as an adult based business, you cant advertise BUT you can share and like content. Be careful of nudity it does get posted on IG but my advice, don’t do it. Like other platforms you can also do live video streaming, which is not a bad idea but keep it clean BUT most of all IG is about visual content. It’s difficult to keep all platforms up to date with fresh content so reuse it and spread it around. Use a lot of good hashtags, that get good exposure, research your fav acc and see what they’re using. Follow acc not necessarily in the adult industry but are related ie lingerie brands, a lot of brands have great photography and are very hip on IG.

3. Snapchat

Like IG it’s visual and lots of fun with the crazy filters you can use. Keep it light, snapchat your way around town and at home, its a great way to share a little about your life with your followers and potential clients. Again no nudity BUT you can play around with showing off fleshy bits and teasing them with the filters strategically placed. If you have the time use this platform as many other escorts etc do BUT I would probably stick to a couple and do it right.

Last few words, keep your handles simple if possible so you can tell your clients and customers easily what they are. If your a business like a parlour then definitely have your twitter feeds on your website. They look great and you can add them easily with code or better yet get your developer to. Obviously add all follow icons to your websites and again keep your content fresh and up to date. For parlours this means pictures so please check out our photography and video projects. All in all social is still a viable part of your business, you just have restrictions that you need to get your head around.

The last word is for Facebook. Basically if you’re involved in the Adult Industry in any way just don’t risk it. Even the most careful content marketer obeying all of their rules and regulations can and probably will get shut down. Without any explanation or recourse. You lose all of your hard work and your audience. It’s great for any business except the adult business so just focus on the ones that you can use whilst being careful.

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