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Our sales training is tailored to the unique sales environment of a legal brothel and our software will work with your sales outcomes and processes including tracking KPIs,  increasing your sales and profit margins. 

‘In the adult industry we have always fought for legitimacy and recognition that we are genuine business’s – Well here it is – Just like any business we benefit from using standard sales techniques. In adapting sales techniques and sales training to an adult business you raise the tone of the business. Sales training creates a competitive edge and greatly
increases revenue and market share What more could an operator want’!!
Quote: Kylie, owner operator Discreet Gentlemen Newcastle

Is your business a winner?

INTRODUCTION: I have worked in almost every sales environment you can imagine, and consistently performed, at times I even pulled miracles out of my…hat! Believe me when I say that a brothel is a sales environment, albeit a unique one. I understand that there are many reasons or excuses that your staff or even you may rationalise as to why ‘this will not work in your business‘ or ‘why you don’t need it‘ but trust me when I say if a busy crazy cafe/restaurant can be benefit from sales process then so can yours, if an experienced high earning account manager can benefit from ongoing sales training, then so can yours.

HOW IT WORKS: We have an in-depth discussion to assess where you are currently situated with sales and customer conversion, discuss your staff needs and how we think we can improve your sales processes and training. Our training takes place over one afternoon at the place of your choosing. During the training we will discuss our sales techniques and ensure your staff understand each section with examples and fun role play before moving on. We will run short question and answer sessions and test your staff openly in a fun non confronting way, on what they have learnt (to ensure it sticks) At the end of the session we will deliver training documents to ensure you remember what we have covered and to help keep your staff on track. Our training includes taking you and your staff through KPI objectives and why KPIs are an important part of rewarding your staff and keeping your sales profitable. Lastly we leave you with a copy of our sales training manual helping keep you on track with insightful, in-depth knowledgeable sales processes and techniques.

Would you like to increase your bottom line?

INTRO TRAINING: Ask about our bespoke ‘intro’ training for your roster – your introduction process is a sales process too and we can help refine it and up-skill your roster – making them more aware of their own business practises and how to keep improving every facet of their business ongoing. Increasing everyones bottom line and keeping your roster happy.

ASHLEIGH’S ACCORD: Our management platform software Ashleigh’s Accord  will keep track of your KPIs ensuring you can track and manage your sales and progress.

Our dedicated software for your business, that’s how serious we are!

Contact us to discuss our customised professional sales training for your business.

COSTING: Why not add our sales training to your monthly subscription with Ashleigh’s Accord our cloud management platform software, giving your business access to premium tools and training. Go to our pricing table for our packages and more pricing options.

For the price of a small down payment and then an affordable monthly cost you could get started on upgrading your business today!

The Team @ADP