Lilly White


Lilly has come along way in terms of her professional journey. A unique and dynamic individual Lillian has a background within film, music and of course the wonderful wild world of digital marketing.

Lilly went onto work on many independent films, and produce indie films and music film clips.

From there Lilly’s passion for music, never far from the surface eventually took hold and she secured a job @Shock Records as the Executive Assistant to the Executive Management team of Shock Records, the largest Independent Music Distributor at the time in Australasia. A job she secured through her film work experience.

“I totally bluffed my way into the job….I had the skills and drive to do it, but no real administrative experience. The rest is history” Lilly White

While in music I developed and built platforms for women in music. This included Athena’s Song, and the women in Rock stage at the PBS local fundraiser in Northcote. I believe there is room enough for everyone and have always supported other women.

This is the psychology she brings to the Adult Industry, everyone is different, everyone has their own unique brand and their own look they just need help developing, cultivating and promoting that to their audience.

The final cog to the wheel is of course the Digital Marketing. Remembering we now have extensive film, music and administrative experience the absolute final complimentary skill is digital marketing & sales.

“Taking my combined talents and drive online I recognised that the internet was the way to go and that digital was going to give me a way to implement my skills and talents in ways I’d had never imagined”

A natural Digital talent Lillian has worked with some of the biggest Digital Publishers in the world (literally) and smaller but well established local Australian publishers, both digital and print. Eventually branching out on her own like a lot of talent she established her consultancy in 2016 working with local businesses while teaming up with a large outsourcing company in the Philippines. Now she works exclusively with local talent and continues to develop her adult industry business.

In 2020 throughout Covid19 lockdown Lilly was fortunate to work with the largest UK adult website and helped launch them in Australia Adultwork Australia a relationship she built and continues to work with today.

Lilly White